Top 15 Best Promo Shots

8 04 2009

Here’s ANTM Universe’s list for the top 15 best promo pictures ever from this show. This list is all about the girls that pulled off the BEST first impression. There are a lot more great promo pics, but I had to narrow it down to 15. Comments appreciated. These are shots that grab your attention first and makes a good first impression to the audience. These do not represent the best models to ever be on the show, these are just the best promotional pictures.

15. Brooke (c7)

Going through 156 promo picture, Brooke (c7) just stands out in this promo picture. This is a very good first impression. Gives you false hope in a sense because she didn’t do very well in the competition. Her body and pose scream model in this shot.


14. Fo (c12)

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 12

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Fo or not, this is an attention grabber. Looking through the cycle 12 girl’s promo pictures, this is one of very few that actually stick out, earning her a spot in the top 15. Fo is cute as a button, and she looks extremely modelesque in this shot.


13. Leslie (c6)


This is sad because she did not get a picture as great as her promo shot during her whole time on the show. She looks fierce as hell in this picture.


12. Anchal (c7)


What a unique beauty, this picture without a doubt one of the best promo shots ever. It leaves you wondering how far this girl would get. Her face and body are so soft and subtle in this picture. 

11.  Brooke (c6)


What an amazingly gorgeous first picture. She made such a great first impression with this picture. Why couldn’t she pull something like this off in the show?! Her body screams attitude!

10 . Sarah  (c8)

She looks so modelesque here. Her face is radiating, and her pose is simple yet eye-catching. This picture put her high on my list for season 8. All my top picks always crash and burn haha.


9. Aminat (c12)

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 12

This picture is “FIERCE” as hell! Her face, body, pose, hair, everything is on point! She give’s that nice bitch expression in this shot.

8. Jenah (c9)

This picture is an instant favorite for me. The pose is fun and modern. She just looks like a really beautiful cartoon character in this picture. I really wished they would have let her keep the hair for the competition, it just makes her look so classic and sweet.


7. Kahlen (c4)

These promo shots are so good! Her face is gorgeous and her full body shot is great! ANTM should go back to having promo shots like this (close up and full body). I liked this picture of Kahlen, but I didn’t really see her hype during the show.

6. Saleisha (c9)

She just looks AMAZING here. Admit it. I didn’t really get her appeal during her season, but looking at this shot just gave me hope. The attitude makes the picture pop.


5. Ebony (c1)

She looks like a MODEL here. End of story.


4. Nik (c5)


Nik is certainly an eye-catcher. And so is this wonderful shot. GREAT first impression. She was robbed her season.


3. Teyona (c12)

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 12

She looks 10 feet tall here, she looks mean and bitchy, but here…it works…really well. Her face is perfect straight on, and her body is the most modelesque this whole cycle. IMO the 3rd best promo shot ever.


2. Eugena (c7)

She just exudes happiness and joy in this picture. She has such a fresh and interesting look. Everything in this shot just works for her, the hair, face, pose, body, outfit, it just all works.



1. Elina (c11)

This shot is so simple. Her face, body, pose, its all very simple yet elegant. This picture caught my attention and it told me that this girl would be a great model. She just LOOKS like a model here. The best first impression ever. Wish she wasn’t such a bitch her season though.


Now I will make the 15 WORST Promo Shots list. That should be a lot easier, seeing as how ANTM loves to butcher the way these girls really look.




10 responses

8 04 2009

Elina wasn’t a bitch.

9 04 2009
Top 20 Worst Promo Shots « ANTM Universe

[…] 9, 2009 · No Comments By now, most of you have read the 15 Best Promo Shots ever list. So, now it’s time for the 20 Worst Promo Shots ever. I increased the number to 20, […]

10 04 2009

I think that Sandra (c12) should be somewhere on this list! She wasn’t the best during her cycle, but her picture was fierce as hell…

10 04 2009

Under your Eugena picture you say she ‘exhumes” happiness and joy. I think you mean exudes.

Exhume is what you do when you dig something (especially a dead body) up out of the ground…I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean that Eugena digs up happiness and joy.

10 04 2009
antm universe

Thank You Heather 🙂 It’s corrected now

10 04 2009

no problem.

12 04 2009

Um, may I point out that here you say you wish they would have kept Jenah’s hair for the cycle, yet in your 10 best makovers, you say “It changed her appearence drastically and it gave her an edge over her competition. She’s a great blonde and very lucky Tyra didn’t cut her hair short.” implying that you loved the blonde. Make up your mind, dude.

13 04 2009
antm universe

hellogoodbye. more than one person comes up with the list.

15 11 2009

saleisha’s was awful, i thought. heather’s, however, from that cycle is pretty amazing if i do say so myself.

8 07 2010

hey,can anyone please tell me what does robbed mean??
Like you have written under Nik’s pic…she was robbed her season??

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