Top 20 Worst Promo Shots

9 04 2009

By now, most of you have read the 15 Best Promo Shots ever list. So, now it’s time for the 20 Worst Promo Shots ever. I increased the number to 20, because there were soooooo many horrid shots of these girls. I could have increased the number to 30 but I didn’t have time for that. So here are the worst 20 promo shots ever in order.


20. Marjorie (c11)

First off, she looks 7. Second of all her pose is horrible. Then there is her head, it looks so tiny and disproportionate to the rest of her seemingly skinny body. Besides the fact  that she looks anorexic, doesn’t her body look squishy? Like her bones have just dissappeared (i.e. her knees).


19. Joslyn (c11)

This shot of Joslyn is such a terrible first impression. Her face is hideous and she photographed so OLD in this shot. Her legs are look so chunky and manly and her stance is just so…bland and boring. Horrible shot.


18. CariDee (c7)


Profile and 3/4 profile are not her best look. The way she tilts her head back make her neck larger and it blows the size of her head to the size of an elephants ass. Her pose makes it look like she has no chest whatsoever. Also her arm looks like the arms of a dwarf.


17. Eva (c3)


Hands down the worst promo shot of cycle 3. With a shot like this, I would have predicted that this eventual winner (shit win) would have been out first. She looks like a midget, her oufit is bad (not necessarily her fault), the way she knods her head up makes her look tense. The stiffness in her shoulders and face make this shot bad, but the worst thing in this shot is definatly her smile. Horrid.


16. Brandy (C4)


Wow. Where do I start? Okay I know, her hair. Whoever told this girl to dye her afro red should be shot. Her close-up shot is nice and all, but her full body shot is puke worthy. I hate the face she makes in it, it’s so ugly and makes her look mean (thizz face haha). Then as you go down her body (torso and legs) all look fine, THEN you get to her foot. WTF?! Why would you awkwardly point your foot up like that? She has so pretty big feet for a girl.


15. Bre (c5)


At first, I didn’t know if I should like this shot or hate it. Then the closer I looked at it, I decided that I hated it. Her pose belongs in a men’s magazine, her hair is fucked up, and her face looks sleepy. And why does she only have one big earing?


14. Celia (c12)

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 12

 She photographs so OLD. The expression on her face screams BITCH. The person who dressed her is a dumbass, look at the clothes , they don’t even fit her correctly. Her legs look so thick and stubby. Honestly I thought she was one of the plus size models this cycle. (I actually like her A LOT during the show.)


13. Samantha (c11)


For a girl that did AMAZING in the actually competition, she gave a rather poor promo shot. She is pushing her bust out, making her seem larger then she really is. One of her arms are gone, which looks very weird in this shot. Her face looks…scared? I’m not sure if thats the word. It looks like she just smelt some shit, and then the photographer snapped this shot. Her legs look great though.


12. Lisa (c5)


So let me say this, I am not a fan of girls who wear big leather boots. And here is a classic example of why, those boots make Lisa’s legs look terrible. Why can’t ANTM gets boots that will actually fit these girls? And what the fuck is up with her lifting up her shirt? This isn’t a porn shoot. Once again, she is one of those girls that puff up their chest and make themselves appeard larger than they really are. Her head looks tiny with her hair pulled back. And I can do without those big ghetto hoop earings.


11. London (c12)

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 12

Why?! Why?! Why?! I blame this shot on the bad producers. This shot made me HATE London before the show began. (Now She’s my favorite after Fo) She looks like she’s 2 feet tall. Her face is sleep or lazy, whatever. She could have looked much thinner and taller without the leopord jacket thing. She has no neck and this picture is an overall FAIL.


10. Lisa (c9)


Lisa looks too thin for her own health here. Skinny girls shouldn’t turn sideways. Her legs look especially bad. Her hair doesn’t make her head look too attractive either. Her arm looks awkward. Overall, she needs a protein bar.

9. Furonda (c6) 


Ew, Wtf. She looks like a big headed alien. This is not a good picture of Furonda, but again, when does she ever take a good photo? Her head looks so weird and oddly shaped. Her hair is pretty fugly. The outfit is not fashionable at all. The only way this shot would have worked is if they gave her longer hair and put her in a bikini. Then the shot would have turned from fugly to fierce.


8. April (c2)

This shot makes me Lol. Hahaha is it me or is she trying too hard to be sexy. I mean April is already a very sexy girl, she doesn’t have to try so hard to emphasize it. Her arm looks freaky. Her neck does not exist in this shot. Her face is bad. This picture is ranked up so high (or low) because this is a very bad first impression for a girl who did an amazing job her cycle.


7. Natasha (c8)


This picture is cringe-worthy. Natasha is an extremely strong jawline, so it’s best to not emphasize it too much. Her head is GINORMOUS in this picture. She stands out just for that fact. Her arms are definatly placed awkwardly on her body. It just looks like she’s going to fall over at any moment, she looks WEAK in this shot.


6. Coryn (c5)


This shot makes Coryn look ugly as hell. Lisa was right, her body is too toned and muscalar for a demale model. Then there is the laughable outfit. Haha is she wearing a flat on her left foot or did she break it? Her face is to masculine, but a little eye brow wax outta take care of that..or not. She looks shy and timid, she needs more attitude to make this picture POP, in a good way.


5. Tahlia (c12)

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 12

Keep in mind, this girl is 18! She looks as though she is a 30 year old soccer mom. That sweather is so unflattering on her. I honestly thought she was a plus sized model. The hair is so covergirl and needs to be tamed. Her smile is cute, but not model. She looks so unmodelesque. It just raises the question of why the hell she’s even in the competition. She took one GREAT shot her whole cycle ( Color Shot).


4. Leah (c3)

WTF is this shit?! This chick looks nothing like a model here. Why the hell does she have a hat on?! She’s the only girl in the history of the show who wears a HAT during a promo shoot. Pink is not her most flattering color. Why are her thumbs inside in jean loops, that’s not at all model like. She looks like she’s ready to suck on something with her mouth open like that. Horible Horrible Horrible promo shot.


3. Xiomara (c2)

Hahaha, sorry but the pictures towards the top of the list make me laugh. Xiomara looks like shes about to kill somebody in this shot. Horrible first impression. She looks like she has a double chin, her eyes are possessed, the head tilt = not working. Just a plain bad picture.


2. Nnenna (c6)

 Not to be mean (and God forgive me) but she looks like a starving Ethiopian child! That smile is not attractive at all! Her hair is a mess and it looks like she is lazy with that stance. What kind of pose is that?! “Ohhhh my arms are by my side, I’m so fierce!” No Nnenna, you were fierce when you got that hair shaved off, you were fierce in the competition, but you are certainly anything but fierce in this promo shot.


And the WORST promotional shot in the history of America’s Next Top Model belongs to…..

1. Cassandra (c8)

This shot is just FUG. Her hair is FUG. Her face is OLD and FUG! Her outfit is FUG. Her arm reaching for her hair is FUG! This shot is the worst promo shot in the history of the show. Let’s hope no girl in Cycle 13 is this bad or I’ll have to re-do the list.


Well that’s it, any suggestions for future list’s?




6 responses

20 04 2009

Hey the girls’ clothes in these promo shots actually belong to themselves! They’re not the producers’.

By the way, Tahlia is 18 in this picture?! Holy sh*t. Then her picture has to be my #1 for worst promo shots ever. She looks like all the other girls’ mom. HORRID.

24 05 2009

Thanks for the list. That and your comments were funny.

13 10 2009

number 1 has nice jeans LOL. but she is fugly!!

15 11 2009

kim cycle 5 should be on this list, hers is just awful!!

tahlia’s is horrendous too, i sooo agree.

12 01 2010

God. Stop with the anorexia comments.

29 05 2011

A. lmao Tahlia looks like the mom from “My wife and kids”
B. a bit exaggerated, celia doesnt look plus size 😮
C.FYI, if you look close enough bre actually does have both earrings in…
D. ❤ London's outfit!

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