Allison – Cycle 12

10 04 2009

Allison Harvard

Age: 20    Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 12

Runner Up  of Cycle 12



12 responses

22 04 2009

to me allison should positively should win cycle 12 american next top model.

6 05 2009

My favorite

12 05 2009

allison is probably everyone’s favourite this cycle. her shots are amazing. go allison!

13 05 2009


14 05 2009

She is amazing… and her shot as Carmen Miranda was just spectacular.

14 05 2009

Allison SHOULD have won! hands down this was Allison’s cycle. She had the best pictures out of everyones. Teyona wasn’t half as good as Allison.

20 05 2009

she was my favorite but all her pics did look the same.. she has nice style in her first pic..teyona was the right choice..allison was the prettiest in the competiton my top it Nik Allison Yoanna Jade and Amanda they have the bets faces

25 05 2009

OMG! allison should have won!!!
shes my role model even though she didnt win!

26 05 2009

even allison wasnt so unleashed like teyona, she was the one who should won, her face is beautifull, and her actitud at photoshoot was always awsome, she may not have the body like teyona but she is more versatil

7 07 2009

allison should have won! no offense and not being racist at all but i think teona won cuz she is african american like tyra and mr.jay. allison is so unique, i have never seen another model like her! shes amazing and shouldve won.

22 08 2009

who is the girl who runs this show is it beyonce?

12 10 2009

lmfao, Beyonce doesn’t run this show Mackenzie. Tyra Banks dictates all that goes on.

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