Creepy Chan?

10 04 2009







5 responses

25 04 2009

Kay… The second picture scares the sjit out of me, not kidding.

Allison could definetely be casted in a horror flick if she wanted to..

6 05 2009

NOSEBLEED!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!!!!!

17 05 2009

Awesome!!! I love this girl, she should have won. Weird and all, she still has it!!! Different strokes for different folks… the different girls are the most interesting ones… look and Angelina and more of that type that made it in the lime light… all kick ass. And so wht if she is weird, she is an artist, and a very ecclectic one, that’s the way she expresses herself, with wierd pictures and freaky drawings so what?????
She had great pictures, and she made it to final 2, people are just fucking jealous, and besides, all the models i know are a little freaky…GO ALLISON

17 07 2011

Oh! my god that scared that girl. The first photo if it is for a heart of fear.

17 07 2011

And those pictures as they were??

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