10 Best Makeovers

11 04 2009

Throughtout the history of America’s Next Top Model, there have been some STUNNING girls. Every cycle, after the first 2 elimanations or so, all the remaining girls get a makeover; some for the better and some for the worse. This is a countdown of 10 of the best makeovers in the history of the show. This was a tough list, there are more girls with beautiful makeovers whom just barely missed the top 10. 


10.  Cassandra (c5)101

Cassandra’s makeover changed her appearence completely. Before she looked like any other girl walking down the street. After, she looks like a very high fashion model. She would have been ranked higher if only she’d lasted longer.


9. Jenah (c9)


Jenah’s makeover was one of the best that cycle. It changed her appearence drastically and it gave her an edge over her competition. She’s a great blonde and very lucky Tyra didn’t cut her hair short.


8. Samantha (c11)


Samantha looked so amatuer pre-makeover. After she got the haircut and dye job, she looked much more sophisicated and fierce. Her beautiful feautures really “popped” after the makeover.


7. Fo (c12)


Don’t get me wrong, Fo is an ADORABLY CUTE girl. But that’s the thing, she did not look like a model at all. After she got this amazing transformation (that she hated), the competition changed drastically in her favor.


6. Celia (c12)


Celia is a speacial case. Before her makeover, she looked old. After her makeover, she still looks old, but it just works for her. She just stands out now. The hair makes her look very mature and a like a model.


5. Catie (c2)


You didn’t think Samantha would make the list and her twin wouldn’t did you? Catie was a cute girl before the makeover, but looked nothing like a model. (Her face was too chubby). After the makeover, she looked edgier and her face started to “thin” out and started looking more modelesque. She has some really beautiful features.


4. Nicole (c3)


Nicole looked great before and after the transformation. She reminds me of a red haired version of McKey. She pulls off red much better than Elina did. Does anyone else think she looks like Vitamin C?


3. Nnenna (c6)


Nnenna is so lucky she got this makeover. Her little mohawk bang thing was dreadful. She looks fierce with no hair, makes her face look more round and youthful.


2. McKey (c11)


McKey is gorgeous. Her beauty was definatly hidden under all that curly hair. She looks great with short dark hair. Her face is sooo…”greek statue-esque” (if you get what i’m saying). Her face is so strong and has some of the best features this show has ever seen.


And number 1 goes to….



1. Lauren-Brie (c11)


Stunning girl! Lauren Brie had so much potential, she was definatly elimanated before her time. Look at that face, it belongs on the cover of some high fashionEuropean magazine. The hair definatly brightens up her face and makes her look so youthful and beautiful.


10 Worst Makeover’s is next.




9 responses

11 04 2009
Ballard Mer Ross

Umm, I completely disagree with your entire list. Those girls are 100% modelesque, but by no means are they the best makeovers. Almost every single girl on your list did look amazing after a makeover, but are very, very, very strong before the makeover. I think this list needs to be redone.

12 04 2009

Amen Ballard Mer Ross.

12 04 2009

Oh, and notice that Lauren Brie’s is the only one that isn’t a long to short hair makeover?! I think you need to be non-bias if your gonna do these lists.

14 04 2009
22 04 2009

I disagree. Because Lauren Brie basically just got her hair lightened a bit, I don’t even think it can even be considered a makeover. And McKey’s short black hair made her look like a chimpanzee. I think Fatima’s and Elina’s should be on this list. Fatima looked SO MUCH better with those long brown extensions–absolutely gorgeous. And Elina with that red poofy hair–GENIUS and soooo beautiful, and also racially ambiguous.

5 05 2009

I agree with Ella on the Lauren Brie makeover.. All she indeed got was highlights, nothing more and nothing less.

6 05 2009

how could you forget SHANDI!!!!!!!!!!

1 07 2009

Where is Shandy? She should be number 1!

12 10 2009

i agree on Lauren Brie’s makeover, it was fantasitc!! though their are alot of girls that should be n this list also. like shandi!

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