15 Most Unique Looks

19 04 2009

ANTM has had some memorable girls, all of them beautiful in their own way, but some girls just stand out more than the others. The girl’s on this list have stood out due to their looks. These are perhaps the 15 most “Unique” looking girls throughtout the histroy of the show. Eveyone has their own definition of unique, the list is using as “memorable” above any other definition.


15. Amanda & Michelle (c7)

Amanda and Michelle will count as one spot on the list…because they are identical. However, Amanda is indeed the better model of the two. She is also the better actress, recently landing a role in 2008’s horror film “From Within”. These two have a very memorable look, even though it is very plain, but I guess plain really stands out in a season where some many girls had different looks. These girl’s ears are huge though, but it completes their overall appearance.


14. London (c12)

London has one of the most stunning faces in the history of the show. She has such pretty features that this show has never seen before, especially her eyes, that according to Tyra, “always seem to be smiling”. She looked even better with her haircut, which gave her an edgier look.


13. Amanda (C3)

Amanda has the most striking eyes. She also has amazing cheekbones! She’s one of the more memorable one’s on the list. Does anyone know of her current condition?


12. Analeigh (c11)

This picture doesn’t really present an accurate potrayal of Analeigh’s unique face. Her eyes are too big for her head and she has big fish lips. Not everyone can pull off these features, but Analeigh certainly can.


11. Jenascia (c2)

Jenascia has really memorable features, especially her eyes and lips. She was a definate standout her cycle.


10. Claire (c10)

She has such a dramatic and classic face. It’s so drawn out and very mature looking. Her chin is very pointy and her eyes are very small. Her ears also stick out and she has a very tall hair line. She is one of the most unique contestants if not people I’ve ever seen.


9. Victoria (c9)

Victoria’s face can best be described as elf-ish. It is very long and narrow. Does anyone else think she looks very British? Her ears are quite large also, very prominent features.


8. Jael (c8)

Jael’s look is very special. For anyone that looks at her and doesn’t know of her background, would think she is white, but she is in fact mulatto (half black). This is strange because she passes as a full white woman.


7. Allison (c12)

Big eyes, lips, cheeks, and teeth. Allison has very dramatic features. They make her look very doll-like. She gained some fame on the internet before ANTM becuase of her looks, she was known as “Creep Chan”


6. Fo (c12)

Fo is such a unique look! She can pass for almost every single race there is. She can pass as white, black, latino, and especially asian. Fo’s freckles give her youth and her smile make’s everyone fall in love with her. She has such a different face that she deserves to be on this list.


5. Anchal (c7)

Anchal has perhaps the STRONGEST JAWLINE I’ve ever seen. Her eyes look through you and her nose is very straight. She has all the looks of an exotic model, but the confidence of Gary Coleman.


4. Fatima (c10)

This african beauty is memorable for her looks and personality. She might not have the best attitude, but she certainly had the strangest look that cycle. Her face and eyes are very tiny, her complexion is very dark, and her cheek bones are beautiful. A very unique beauty.


3. Lluvy

Lluvy is a stunner! Her lips and eyes are very big and exagerrated. Her nose is pointed downwards and she has a cute little beauty mark on her cheek. This picture doesn’t accurately capture her unique face.


2. Norelle

I still do not know what ethnicity she is. She looks japanese and white, but she could pass for latino, white, or asian. Her eyes are beautiful! Her face is very strong and sculpted. Perfect eyebrows. Perfect nose. A very memorable face.


and number 1 goes to…



1. Jade

The bi-racial butterfly herself. She has a beauty that not everyone can see. Her look is not very common at all, in fact, she looks very alien. But this list is “15 Most Unique Looks” and Jade does indeed have the MOST UNIQUE LOOK.




7 responses

19 04 2009

The picture of Allison is creepy, lol. And the picture of Fatima is stunning.

20 04 2009

I think Analeigh looks pretty generic, IMO

6 05 2009

Ugh…Norelle as number 2? whatever.

9 09 2010

Anchalle or whatever should be number 1 O.o

25 09 2010

amanda, london and norelle dont look unique to me

but i agree i think nik looked unique and naima

3 01 2011

cycle 10 – anya
cycle 13 – erin

4 09 2011

i dont understand why these girls stand out the most. they have the most common looks in the fashion world except jade she is in a world of her own. she is very beautiful imo.

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