Rank: Plus Sized Girls

19 04 2009

Here is a ranking of the 9 plus sized models to have been in this competition. Going over their portfolio’s, none of these girls did great, except for number 1. The picture chosen represents their best picture during the competition. Be sure to make your own list and post it as a comment.


9. Anna (c2)

Anna is the only model to not have a portfolio from the show. She chose not to participate in the first photoshoot and was elimanated. For lack of photo, she is ranked last.


8. Kortnie (c12)


Kortnie wasn’t very large, but she wasn’t very tiny either. She was surely an underdog coming into the competition with no previous modeling experience at all. Kortnie started off alright, but her pictures started to get worse each week and finally Tyra elimanated her. Sadly, her makeover shot was her best picture, and it’s clearly very photoshopped.


7. Tahlia (c12)

Tahlia had one of the worst promotional pictures..ever. Everyone had her first to go on the elimanation order. Like Kortnie, she really wasn’t plus-sized, but she was larger than all the other girls however. She was overrated during the competition, most of her photo’s were lackluster. Her only good shot was her “color beauty” shot, which was GORGEOUS! She wasn’t able to overcome her confidence issue during her covergirl commercial however and was rightfully elimanated.


6. Diana (c8)

Overweight fans finally had a reason to watch ANTM, they were now actually being represented more than ever. Sadly, by not so great models. Diana didn’t have one picture that stood out. Her death shot was the only thing that remotely catches any attention. Mediocre model, but still better than the models ranked below her.


5. Whitney (c8)

Whitney was boring. But her death shot was still better than the other girl’s photo’s. 


4. Diane (c5)


Diane had potential. She just never really used it, she had the height and face, all she needed was the attitude and confiedence. 


3. Tocarra (c3)

Tocarra had such a pretty face and she had the best personality that whole cycle. Her photo’s were nothing spectacular though. She’s a better spokesperson than she is a model.


2. Whitney (c10)

Her music shot is amazing. You can actually feel the emotion she’s portraying. Her face was gorgeous but her attitude was skank. Her portfolio was very overrated. She had about 3 great shots.



1. Sarah (c9)

Sarah was such a lovely girl. Beautiful, nice, and took stunning pictures. She looked she much better with long hair, then Tyra had to go and chop it off, that’s when she lost her appeal. She tookd great photo’s however. Arguably the best plus sized model on this show to date.




5 responses

22 04 2009

Tahlia wasn’t even officially plus-size LOL but she should have been.

6 05 2009

Kitty Poop
Whitney C8
Whitney C10

12 10 2009

oh btw, i think anchal should be on this list–she wasn’t officially plus-size, but, like, i’m pretty sure she was even heavier than sarah. and she has such an amazing unique look.

21 10 2009

YES totally agree, Whitney is totally overrated throughout the whole season! I think she win just because tyra wanted a plus sized model to win ANTM. How stupid is that. Whitney is fake. i hate her voice. urgh!

7 11 2010

tocarra should be #1! she have an editorial for vogue! :)) and i almost forgot how goegeous Kortnie of C12 is 😛

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