Top 10: Cycle 1

11 05 2009

Coutdown of the Top 10 Best Shot’s of Cycle 1


Not many photos to choose from.


10. Ebony’s Rooftop Swimwear 

As stated earlier, this season had very limited photos to choose from.

This shot is one of the strongest the whole cycle.  


9. Giselle’s Rebok Ad

The only fault within this picture is that it was a Rebok Ad. I would have never guessed. Besides that the action is great and Giselle’s face is intense. Can you believe she got sent home for this picture?


8. Elyse’s Wonder Bra

The great thing about this shot is that it looks really editorial. Her face is so soft and the backdrop is beautiful. She clearly shows off the bra, which the other girls didn’t really manage to do very well.


7. Nicole’s Rooftop Swimwear

Her body looks amazing. Her face is beautiful. Top of all, she looks like a model! Does anyone else agree that the callout orders for the first 2 seasons were really dumb?


6. Shannon’s B&W Beauty Shot

This is a great beauty shot. Her profile is gorgeous! Look at that strong jawline!


5. Adrianne’s Extreme Beauty Shot

Adrianne’s Extreme Beauty shot definately deserved to be called higher. This shot is perfect. Everything just works here, even the dark make-up around her eyes.


4. Adrianne’s B&W Beauty Shot

Adrianne is gorgeous. She looks extremely beautiful here, clearly defining the term “beauty shot.”


3. Elyse’s Nude 

For a girl that was so small, she actually looks pretty meaty here. Not “meaty” in a bad way, but in a good way. This is a sexy shot, and it accurately fits the brief.


2. Adrianne’s Nude 

WOW! This may not be a high fashion shot, but it’s quite an amazing one. How many people can actually pull of a picture this great. This picture screams sexy, which was clearly the point of the shoot! PLUS she is showing off the diamonds.



1. Elyse’s Extreme Beauty Shot

For a cycle with such weak shoots, this is clearly the best picture to come from the whole season. This shot is perfect.




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