Top 10: Cycle 2

11 05 2009

These are the Top 10 Photo’s of Cycle 2


This cycle had so many great photo’s to choose from. A major upgrade from Cycle 1.


10. Catie’s Quench

Her face may not be that strong, but her body is phenominal! It takes strength to get your body into that postition underwater (trust me, I’ve swam competitively for 10 years). This shot is just stunning!


9. April’s Nude Fresh Contact’s

Her body looks great! It looks so lengthy and extended. Her face is soft yet dominating. The guy in the back is even mesmerized by her presence.


8. Mercedes Nude Fresh Contact’s

She is commanding this picture. She looks like an Egyptian goodess for sure. Beautiful face.


7. Shandi’s Laundry

She looks fearless and she is working the hell out of that outfit. This picture definately deserves to be on the list.


6. Yoanna’s High Fashion

Well despite the fact the you can’t see her face (because seasons 1-3 are really hard to find pictures for), sh still steals the shot.


5. April’s Quench


This shot is hella fierce! Look at her commitment and intensity!


4. Xiomara’s Celebrity Impersonation 

The girl in this picture looks NOTHING like Xiomara. (Thats a mighty good thing) The girl in the picture is definatly a model!


3. Mercedes High Edge Beauty Shot

Beautiful make-up, hair, face. Everything works. The 3/4 shot really works here. She sorta resembles Nik here, agree?


2. Yoanna’s High Edge Beauty Shot

People love this shot because it’s soooo symetrical. I love it because she is wroking her Greek goddess  face! This IS a beauty shot.



1. Shandi’s High Fashion 

This picture is f$*king gorgeous. It’s so high fashion and she looks beautiful. Most importantly, she’s working the hell out of that outfit. The best picture that whole cycle.




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2 12 2011

who was xiomaras impersonation again?

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