Cycle 13 – Episode 1 & 2 Recap

10 09 2009


(From Wikipedia)

Episode One: “How Short Can You Go”

First aired September 9, 2009

For the first time since Cycle 3, contestants under 5’7 are allowed. They enter a room where they are supposedly being cast for Le Cycle 13, Fall Collection but an actor tells them that they are too short, at which point Tyra enters and in a French accent tells the girl it’s time to break the mold. Soon after they dress in model basics and are given a runway teach by Ms. J and have a face polaroid taken by Mr. Jay. Then comes castings where memorable interviews include Courtney revealing she has a broken foot, Amber acting erraticly, modeling teacher Alison teaching Ms. J her runway tricks, Lulu stating she is gay within seconds of her entrance and Sundai talking about her abusive childhood. During this time, Amber’s personality and Nicole’s lack thereof scare their fellow competitors.

20 girls are selected after the first cut and taken to a runway at the end of which they have to strike four poses. Courtney impresses Jay by soldiering on and walking the entire runway instead of just posing. During the review, Tyra notes that many girls are posing in a more sexual than fashion way. Ultimately 14 girls are chosen and Tyra congratulates them for being pioneers.

Call-Out Order:

1. Jennifer 2. Erin 3. Rachel 4. Kara 5. Lulu 6. Rae 7. Ashley 8. Brittany 

9. Bianca 10. Courtney 11. Nicole 12. Amber 13. Laura  14. Sundai


Episode Two: “The Early Bird Gets A Makeover”

First aired September 9, 2009

The girls all meet on Melrose Avenue and realize that Amber is missing. The Jays arrive in a limo and take them to a salon where it is revealed that Amber withdrew from the competition for “personal reasons” and Lisa, who had been cut in the semi-finals is replacing her. The Jays also announce that it is makeover time. Most of the girls are satisfied with their looks except Lisa who worries that she didn’t get much of a change and Bianca who doesn’t like her bleached eyebrows.

The girls then move in a doll-themed house and receive their first Tyra mail, hidden in the Bankable safe. On the photoshoot they are asked to recreate baby pictures with a fashion twist. Rae struggles with her 8-inch heels, while Sundai and Lisa worry about their styling. Arriving on set, Bianca seems down and tells Jay she doesn’t like her make-up. At panel Rae, Bianca Courtney, Ashley and Nicole are noted for their strong shots, however Brittany is castigated for her too sexual film and Kara (of whom the shot is in profile) and Sundai are told they lack energy and Lisa that she looks mean.

Ultimately, Bianca lands in the bottom two because of her lack of professionalism but it is Lisa’s poor performance at the shoot and timid personality that gets her eliminated as the judges feel she is not making the most of her second chance.

Call-Out Order:

1. Rae 2. Nicole  3. Jennifer 4. Ashley  5. Courtney  6. Erin 7. Lulu  8. Rachel

9. Laura 10. Kara  11. Brittany  12. Sundai 13. Bianca 14. Lisa





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