Cycle 13 – Episode 4 Recap

25 09 2009

Make Me Tall

First aired September 23, 2009

The episode starts with Bianca being determined to become softer. After being introduced to a 9-year-old runway model, the girls get their first runway teach with Miss J, learning to “walk tall” and how to walk with a partner. The challenge later requires them to walk next to models who are 5’10” and above.
Brittany impresses Ann Shoket and wins an editorial for herself, Kara and Laura, angering Ashley and Lulu who had earlier coached Brittany how to walk. Back at the house, Nicole bonds with Bianca as the latter reveals her fear of showing vulnerability due to her abusive past. Ashley and Lulu later warn Nicole that she is being used, upsetting her. Nicole and Brittany then discuss their chagrin, calling Ashley a mean-girl and Lulu her sidekick.
At the photo shoot, Brittany struggles with the fact that the girls are allowed to watch her, while Bianca has to be distracted to look softer. At panel, Kara, Nicole and Erin receive unanimous praise, whereas Brittany, Rae and Laura are castigated for making themselves look shorter. Sundai is praised for her picture but her outfit and lack of presence on the runway do not sit well with Miss J. In the end Brittany survives her first bottom two appearance as Lulu is eliminated for her poor performance at the shoot and uninspiring personality.

Call-Out Order:

1. Kara 2. Nicole 3. Erin 4. Sundai 5. Jennifer 6. Bianca

7. Laura 8. Ashley 9. Rae 10. Brittany 11. Lulu

Episode Portfoilio:



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