Cycle 13 – Episode 5 Recap

3 10 2009

(source: Wikipedia)

Take My Photo, Tyra!

First aired September 30, 2009

The girls are taught how to do their own make-up by Sam Fine and each girl is given individual tips. Later they meet Nigel and Chrissy Barker for a CoverGirl challenge, where they have to race and do their own styling and make-up through various sessions, with the last girls eliminated at each session. Laura and Kara are the first to be eliminated, followed by Nicole and Jennifer and Brittany and Rae. At the last stop the girls have to pick their pictures from a bin. Erin keeps Ashley’s picture until she finds her own, eliminating Ashley. Ultimately Sundai wins to have her picture on Wal-Mart’s website and a $1,000 gift from CoverGirl.

On the way to the photo shoot, Bianca and Ashley confront Erin about her behavior at the challenge, making her cry. The girls find Tyra wrapped in scarves and explains that they will be modeling scarves and the best picture will be given immunity at panel. Erin, Rae and Sundai perform well, while Ashley struggles a lot and has to change outfit three times. Meanwhile, Tyra decides to bring in a fan to improve Laura’s performance and Jennifer tries screaming. Brittany is deemed the best and is given immunity as well as the opportunity to do a shoot with two male models.

At panel, many girls get good reviews and Jennifer is lauded by Tyra for bringing personality in her shoot, while Kara is chastised for not bringing any to hers. Ultimately Ashley lands in the bottom two for her poor performance but Bianca’s third appearance in the bottom two in four panels is her undoing.

  • Immune/First Call-Out: Brittany Markert

Call Out Order:

1. Brittany 2. Jennifer 3. Rae 4. Nicole 5. Erin

6. Laura 7. Sundai 8. Kara 9. Ashley 10. Bianca


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