15 Most Gorgeous Girls of ANTM

12 10 2009

This list is dedicated to the 15 most stunning faces in ANTM history. These are the faces that make you jizz your pants just seeing. These are the faces that make you go “OMG, have my babies!” These are arguably the most beautiful girls in the history of the show.


15. Katie (Cycle 1)


Katie might have been the second girl to ever have been eliminated from Antm, but she certainly is one of the most successful. She is no doubt a very successful comercial model, her biggest gig to date is being a suit case model on Deal or No Deal. There’s no arguement to it, Katie is stunning.

14. Lisa (Cycle 9)


Holy crap! In the words of the Dream, Shawty is a TEN! Okay well perhaps just a 8.5, but still beautiful nonetheless. She should have won her cycle hands down, not Saleisha. Lisa’s face is so carved, its perfect. The jawline, the nose, the lips, everything is PERFECT. Wipe that drool from your face now.


13. Brittany (Cycle 11)

America's Next Top Model

Too bad she didn’t really persue the whole modeling thing afterwards, perhaps I could have used a better picture than her makeover picture. It’s not just her face thats gorgeous, look at those legs! WOW!


12. Kahlen (Cycle 4)


Kahlen is one of those beauties that you overlook because she dresses like a plain jane, but put some wind in her hair and make her smile and you see what she really looks like. Like this ^. Gorgeous.


11. Nnenna (Cycle 6)


This girl cleans up great. Also, she looks much better when she doesn’t smile. Nnenna has beautiful facial feautures such as her nose, lips, and eye brows. She’s great.  


10. YaYa (Cycle 3)


She should have won her cycle as well. Just because she had a poor attitude, doesn’t mean she deserved to lose to EVA the DIVA! Look at that face, it’s made for the camera! YaYa has had a successful career in film and television with roles in Take the Lead opposite of Antonio Banderas and a reoccuring role in All My Children. She’s due to appear in 3 more films within the next year! Congrats YAYA!


9. Fo (Cycle 12)


NOBODY would look this beautiful with curry sprinkled all over their face, but Fo sure can. She is gorgeous, no matter what your thoughts of her as a model are, you have to admit, she is beautiful. Fo is the most successful girl of cycle 12, She’s booked ad campaignes with Abercrombie, Target, Reebok, and Nike. Way to go FO!


8. Jessica (Cycle 12)


It’s such a shame she went home so early during her cycle. Jessica was GOREGOUS! But honestly, she really did just rely on her pretty face to do all the work. That could only get you so far dear, but you are extremely beautiful, so no worries, you’ll book lots of jobs.


7. Katarzyna (Cycle 10)


She is beautiful and smart, the perfect woman. It’s a dirty same Tyra hated her so much. She’s one of the most successful models in the history of the show, she’s booking jobs all over the place. Having a face like that sure helps.


6. Nik (Cycle 5)


Nik is a beauty that you don’t see eveyday. Her face is very rare to come by and once you do go by it, you always go back for a second look. Her face is just  mystical and mesmerizing. She was certainly robbed her season, she was CLEARLY the better model. Nik has been rather successful with modeling. She jsut recently gave birth to a baby boy! Congrats!


5. Nicole (Cycle 5)


Nicole is a very pretty girl. She has been the most successful model of cycle 5. She is a huge model in Asia.


4. Lisa (Cycle 13)


She might not have been very modelesque, but she certainly is very beautiful. Exquisite eyes, lips, nose, jaw, ears, forehead, everything about this girl is on point. Gorgeous.

3. McKey (Cycle 11)


Her gorgeous eyes are piercing. They just look right through you. She has a very beautiful elongated face. Her facial structure is like that of a greek statue. She is so sculpted and defined that its unbelievable. She looks much better with short hari than with that long curly bush. McKey looks like a goddess.


2. April (Cycle 2)


April’s competativeness might be a turn off to some people, but all they have to do is look at her stunning  face and its jizz in my pants all over again. GREAT feautures. BEAUTIFUL face. April’s face is AMAZING.



Any guesses on the number one spot?





1. Sara (Cycle 2)


I’m sorry that your father thinks you’re a dirty whore because you model. Don’t listen to him, you’re goreous, beautiful, stunnin, all the words that could be a synonym to “pretty” should be used to describe you. You are one of a kind Miss Sara. You’re the msot beautiful girl in the history of America’s Next Top Model. Good job.




6 responses

12 10 2009

I agree with Sara, April, Nik, Fo, YaYa, Nnenna, and Katie. The rest are bland IMO.

12 10 2009

a few things on this list are way off in my opinion, especially #1. sara is pretty, but by no means is she anywhere near the prettiest. where is fatima? elina? heather (c9)? and ann from cycle 3? and anchal? there are sooo many models that have been on this show that are much more beautiful than the ones you listed here.

28 10 2009

i agree, sara is no way number 1.

19 11 2009

lisa from c13? haha

7 11 2010

i agree with ella! where’s fatima and anchal? they are one the most gorgeous in antm history imo.. and let’s not forget yoanna and chantal! lol! Katarzyna should be number 1!! 😛

19 08 2011

it should have been allison harvard of antm 12 who won the title of most beautiful girl in antm history!

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