Cycle 13 – Episode 6 Recap

12 10 2009

(Source: Wikipedia)

Dance With Me

First aired October 7, 2009

The girls meet Benny Ninja, who tells them that as models, they must use their bodies as well as their faces to convey emotions. He brings out Lil Mama and Jabbawockeez to teach the girls to dance. The girls then learn that they will perform in groups of three, with masks covering their faces while showing happiness, sadness and anger. Jennifer, Rae and Kara work well together and win $17,000 in jewelry.

The girls are flown to Las Vegas for their shoot. They witness a perfomance by Jay Manuel and the Cirque du Soleil and learn that they will be posing in teams (Brittany, Jennifer and Rae going first; Erin, Nicole and Sundai second and Ashley, Kara & Laura going last). Jennifer, Kara, Ashley and Nicole get bad reviews, but Jennifer’s group saves her and she is called jointly first. The judges also love Laura and Rae’s pictures, but worry about the latter’s personality. Kara and Ashley land in the bottom two, both for not pushing through enough, but Kara is given another chance and Ashley is eliminated.

Call-Out Order:

1. Brittany 2. Rae 3. Jennifer 4. Laura

5. Nicole  6. Sundai  7. Erin  8.  Kara  9. Ashley


Episode Portfoilio: (click on image to make larger.)




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