Cycle 13 – Episode 9 Recap

31 10 2009

(Source: Wikipedia)

Let’s Go Surfing

Aired October 28, 2009

The girls find their house condemned, with Tyra telling them it is too filthy to live in. However, she soon reveals that the girls are going to Hawaii for the remainder of the competition by throwing a Hawaii-themed party in the yard. Upon arrival, the girls are stunned by their house and Jennifer is freaked out by the fact that her commercial is being played in at least five different rooms.

The girls are then taught how to surf by Buzzy Kerbox. After, they are given a challenge where they have to pose on a moving surfboard with a male model. Erin, Brittany and Nicole excel, while Sundai and Laura stumble. Erin is crowned the winner and, despite the rising tension between her and Brittany, picks the latter and Nicole to share a helicopter ride above Maui. While Nicole and Brittany enjoy it, Erin is upset with not winning a tangible prize yet again.

At their photo shoot, the girls are photographed by Tyra while portraying women of mixed heritage, like Hawaiian hapas.

Contestant Ethnicities
Brittany East Indian & Native American
Erin Tibetan & Egyptian
Jennifer Batswana & Polynesian
Laura Mexican & Greek
Nicole Japanese & Malagasy
Sundai Russian & Moroccan

Most of the girls struggle with the shoot, especially Laura, who is worried about her sunburns. At panel, all the girls but Nicole get mixed reviews, with Sundai being told she photographs short, Erin that she posed in a commercial way, and Brittany that she didn’t step outside of the box. Despite Erin’s second bottom two appearance in a row and her tendency to self sabotage, it is Brittany who is sent home for being too analytical.

Call-Out Order:

1. Nicole 2. Jennifer 3. Laura

4. Sundai 5. Erin 6. Brittany

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