Imdb’s Next Top Model! WOW!

21 11 2009


So I received an email today from kawjumy20 today with a link to this amazing competition that was happening right now that I had no knowledge about! I must say, I checked out the site and these models are FIERCE. Well, some of them, others not so much. I encourage you all to go to the site and sign up with an account. Give your feedback to the models and tell them what you think! Become a part of the INTM family! I will be following this competition from now on, and I might just possibly make them a site…probably not, but someone should!

A lot of them are better models than most of the girls on ANTM. LOL Also another great thing about this competition is the fact the it’s live right now!

Go here and sign up! It’s free and it allows you to make comments!




3 responses

27 11 2009

This is actually Chris from INTM, and I’d just like to thank you on behalf of the entire INTM family for this post. We’re always trying to advertise our competition and this just makes us smile =]
It’s so flattering that you’ll be following our competition.

Thanks soo much!


28 11 2009

Oh wow this is awesome for us to get this kind of exposure, thankyou for posting this!
Hopefully we get a lot of interest from the viewers here, please sign up to the forum guys and help our little community grow!!!

Also, I will be casting for cycle 6 as soon as Cycle 5 AllStars finishes, so make sure you dont miss out on that!!!


Leigh (creator of INTM)

1 02 2010

Aww, this is so awesome! *dances* Thanks for promoting us! 🙂

– Kazara from INTM

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