15 Horrible Post-Show Beauty Shots

2 05 2010

15. Lisa – Cycle 13

She’s either blinking or was about to sneeze. Either way, it messed up what could have been a great photo. Her nostrils look weird also, like they’re inflated or something. The lips are tense. Eeek, terrible photo.

14. Whitney – Cycle 10

Ughhh, she looks like a freaking cow. Those creases around her mouth age her so much. Her mouth looks humongous! Her squinty eyes are not working in her favor. I understand that this could have been a candid shot, but why the hell would the photographer release this? It just showcases the model in a negative light.

13. Brittany – Cycle 4

You know, I get what they were going for, but unfortunately it does not work here. The wrinkles around her eyes should have been photo-shopped out. Her lips look weird and crusty. Her nose snarl is not attractive. Her chin is shaped weird. This photo is disgusting. I quite like the hair though.

12. Brittany – Cycle 8

What the hell? Brittany always takes a good photograph, except for this mess. She has this big bugged eye expression on her face. Eww, seriously, practice your smizing in the mirror girl. This is not cute. The mouth is a travesty also. It’s so tense and awkward. The hair here is lovely though. I quite like the black and white style of it too.

11. Tiffany – Cycle 4

Dragggggalicious. Horrendous beauty shot. What is this? She looks about 45. Those eye brows are not real and do NOT look real. That eye make-up…you’re kidding right? Those big awkward lips. The ghetto hoop earrings. The terrible lighting. These are all the things that make for a terrifying shot. She would do good on Ru-Paul’s Drag Race though.

10.  Eugena – Cycle 7

Girl, when Tyra said to turn towards the light. She didn’t mean all this now. The light really shows how old Eugena looks. You can see the bags under her eyes…eww. The lips are big and tense! Girl, fix that mouth. The hair looks DRY and damaged! I hate this photo.

9. Saleisha – Cycle 9

She looks cracked the fuck out. Her eyes look tired and sleepy. It is never a good thing to look sleepy in photos. The bangs are a HOT MESS.

8. Magdalena – Cycle 2

Ewww, what the hell is this?! Now I see why her ass got booted first on Cycle 2. She looks drunk or high or somerthing. That pink eye shadow ain’t helping you honey. Relax your smile! You ain’t gotta cheese so damn big. Look at her chin…and her other chin…and her other chin. Do NOT press down on your neck, it’ll give you more chins than you already have. The wrinkles around her eyes need to be photo-shopped OUT. The eyebrows are a mess too. Someone help this chick…PLEASE.

7. Claire – Cycle 10

When I look at this photo, I think of honey-mustard sauce. Everything has this nasty yellow tint. Her freckles and beauty marks look gross. Her eyes are tired. The bags under her eyes are red…gross. Theres a yellow tint on her upper lip area…what is that? Her black roots are coming out from underneath that nasty blonde hair too. the shoulders and backgrounds are a mess. I blame the photographer for this one.

6. Brooke – Cycle 6

She’d give Tiffany a race for her money on Ru-Paul’s show. She looks like a man here. Manly ass chin and nose, yucky. She looks ugly masculine here. the lines look tense and crusty. She looks like an old grandpa or something. She ain’t got no neck in this shot. Her brows are lowered too much, making her look like an ape.

5. Brandy – Cycle 4

Hot ghetoo mess. That ain’t even REAL ecko! Her eye make-up is a joke…obviously. Those lipsss! arghhhh! Close your mouth girl, it’s not attractive to see those big rabbit teeth. Her nose looks squished down like a pug. Cool hair though.

4. Nicole – Cycle 13

I am so sad that I have to put her on this list, but look at this photo. Her head looks HUGE. Her nose is so big and manly, ugh. Her squinty eye thing here is not working. That hair is a joke. Her face looks really flat and shapeless. Where the hell are her cheekbones?! The neck looks small and frail, not long and powerful. Gross picture.

3. Jade – Cycle 6

This is sooooo gross. It reminds me of the 2 Girls 1 Cup video. Her pug nose is showing really well here. Her eyes are deadddddd. Those eye-brows are hilarious. Her skin looks really red and irritated. The lips are too red. Look at her teeth! They’re so small and dirty! She looks realllly old and really tired. EEEKKKK.

2. Ebony – Cycle 1

She looks like one of those long necked dinosaurs! LOL. You know, that thing from “The Land Before Time”. It looks so chunky and vein-y. Her skin look dry and dirty. Her face looks really old and uncomfortable. Her lips look oily and big. She looks scared too. Terrible beauty shot.

AND NUMBER 1 goes to…

1. Lisa – Cycle 5

She looks like a homeless man who needs a haircut. The eye makeup is way too heavy. Ease off on that makeup playset hunny. The way she tilts her head, allowing us to see her big flared nostrils…not smart. We can see her big ass gap. The lips are dead…I didn’t even know that was possible! The eyes are sleepy. No cheekbones. The forehead looks really small. Everything is so disproportional. The worst post show beauty shot EVER.




One response

30 05 2010
Constantino Christou uk

Ebony should of been number one oh my god that photo gave my nightmares ewww she did NOT age well

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